Catering Hot Cupboards

Commercial hot cupboards make hot holding and serving easier for busy catering establishments. Perfect for care homes, schools, hotels and hospitals, JLA’s range of hot cupboards will keep your finished dishes fresh and ready to be served.


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Commercial Catering Hot Cupboards

Solid, consistent temperature control. Our energy efficient hot cupboards are the perfect solution for busy kitchens.

Features & Benefits:

  • Energy efficient functions through heat recirculation to give faster heat up times, increased recovery times and prevention of cold spots
  • Plain and Bain Marie options available
  • Heat supplied by integral fan
  • Even heat diffusion for consistent temperatures
  • 3 1/1 GN capacity
  • Stainless steel interior, removable fan and doors for easy cleaning

Jla Plain Top Hot Cupboard | Jla Hot Cupboard Bain Marie Top