Commercial ironing boards

Professional ironing table options for onsite laundry finishing

When it comes to sourcing high quality, reliable finishing in hospitality or service laundries, JLA’s commercial ironing board range will suit a variety of requirements. Every industrial ironing table we offer is built to the highest specifications, and can be used immediately following quick installation.

All JLA commercial ironing tables (and the irons to go with them) are available with 'Total Care' - giving you brand new appliances for no capital outlay and protecting you from the cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns.

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Commercial ironing boards

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JLA S/AR Ironing Table

Easy-install for convenience

  • Minimal staff training needed
  • Heated ironing board
  • Plugs into 13-amp socket

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JLA S/AR Ironing Table

JLA S/AAR Ironing Table

Integrated iron included

  • Vaccum iron - sharper creases
  • Process smaller items in minutes

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JLA S/AAR Ironing Table

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Total Care subscription

All JLA's commercial laundry equipment is available with Total Care - our all-inclusive service subscription.

This unique plan gives you the brand new laundry appliances you need for no capital outlay and protects you from the cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns.

Benefits of a Total Care laundry subscription

  • New laundry equipment for no capital outlay
  • Free laundry room layout design consultancy
  • Free delivery & installation
  • ‘Get Started’ machine demo included
  • 7-day breakdown cover included
  • Engineer onsite within 8 working hours
  • Free 24/7 support helpline

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Advantages of choosing a JLA professional ironing board 

Our ‘plug and play’ commercial ironing tables provide you with a heated, breathable surface, allowing you to iron without putting too much pressure on the fabric – particularly important if you’re providing a finishing service in a hotel, or simply want to guarantee optimum garment care for residents in settings like care homes or boarding schools.

When comparing with larger scale options, it’s important to point out that rotary ironers and rollers systems do not give you the ability to iron a wide range of garments at speed. So while they’re an excellent choice for linens and towels in high-demand laundry rooms, a steam iron and table combination provides the better option for more precise, lower volume finishing.

JLA professional ironing board

Professional ironing board systems vs domestic alternatives

You would be forgiven for assuming that professional finishing systems are more closely aligned with domestic irons and ironing boards, but this is not the case. The main advantages of commercial ironing tables include:

  • Higher power output
  • Heated table and steam options 
  • Wide range to iron a complete garment in one go
  • Less impact on the garments
  • Less manpower needed to work the board