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Commercial Iron Solutions

Finishing your laundry is the final part of the process – your work isn’t done once linens are pulled from your tumble dryer. That’s why JLA offers commercial and industrial iron machines to complement our washers and dryers and give you the ability to process your laundry in-house from start to finish.

As the UK's leading commercial laundry partner, JLA offers the highest quality range of ironing and finishing solutions in the most cost-efficient way. If you need a replacement rotary or steam press, are considering switching from domestic to commercial equipment, or you simply want to bring your laundry finishing in-house, we can discuss your specific requirements and tailor a solution to meet them.

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JLA commercial iron options

In addition to the quality, reliability and performance that you expect from JLA's professional irons, you’ll also benefit from features that make it easier to finish flatwork, such as Nomex covers, full-length finger guards, return-feeding belts for ease of use, optional integrated folding systems and thermostatic control. Whether you need a mobile professional iron, a fixed commercial iron, or a larger industrial steam iron for high volume work, you'll find it at JLA.

All JLA irons are built to last and have been designed with constant use in mind to meet heavy daily (and overnight) demands. Some of the iron solutions you'll find in our range include:

  • Commercial roller iron solutions that can process up to 50kg of linen per hour
  • Rotary irons with Nomex padding to ensure efficient and safe usage at high temperatures
  • Front-feeding and front return roller options to save time and make the process more efficient
  • Mobile steam irons with a built-in vacuum to hold the fabric to the table and achieve a better finish
  • Professional steam press systems that incorporate a smaller dryer-ironer for faster processing

Roller, rotary, mobile and steam press irons for any need

JLA has a wide range of commercial irons to suit a variety of laundry needs. If you are in the market for high-quality commercial ironing equipment, JLA's reliable and easy-to-use ironing systems will provide you with premium ironing quality for five-star customer satisfaction.

With compact appliances for smaller items such as pillowcases and napkins that can be folded away ready for next use, our space-saving finishers give you the ability to guarantee professional-quality finishing when it comes to those all-important finishing touches in restaurants, cafes, bars and other hospitality settings. 

Our mobile steam iron solutions give you an additional (and portable) revenue stream in hotels, launderettes and dry-cleaners where customers are willing to pay a premium for shirts or other garments to be professionally pressed. 

And for crease-free flatwork in hotels, care homes and other residential settings, our rollers and rotary irons achieve consistent results while reducing the time and effort needed for laundry finishing. Rotary irons are perfect for table linen, bedding and towels and with multiple speed settings and temperature control for a variety of different fabrics across your catering and housekeeping operations.

Light Commercial Irons

Our light commercial irons are perfect for smaller on-premise laundry rooms that need to finish flatwork to the highest possible standard.

Laundry Finishing Tables

Make the ironing a breeze with our commercial finishing tables, designed to process several kilograms of linen per hour with a minimum amount of staff training.

Commercial Mobiles Steam Irons

JLA’s mobile steam ironers will help professional laundry rooms get rid of creases and wrinkles in order to finish their laundry to the highest standards.

Commercial Irons

Our commercial irons offer high quality finishes for your linens – as well as higher throughput – and are perfect for on-premise laundries in care homes, healthcare, hotels, guesthouses and boarding schools.

Professional Irons

Our professional irons make light work of finishing your flatwork, such as sheets and pillowcases, and can process up to 15kg of linen per hour. Space-saving and highly-efficient, you’ll be able to fit one in your on-premise laundry, and it’ll tak...

Industrial Irons

Our range of industrial irons offer increased throughput for a high-quality finish in the biggest and busiest laundry rooms. Capable of processing up to 50kg of linens per hour, these irons will save time while providing consistent results.