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Commercial Cooking Equipment

We offer Prime commercial kitchen equipment including including combi ovens, range ovens, convection ovens, grills, griddles, Bratt pans, pizza ovens and modular catering equipment - so you can build a tailored commercial kitchen that perfectly suits your needs.

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Commercial Range Ovens

Commercial range ovens often form the heart of any catering establishment, with prime cooking activities focused around these machines. We offer four- and six-hob or burner ranges and ovens, as well as bullseye range ovens, to suit any type of com...

Combi Ovens

We understand how important it is for your business to only offer the best quality meals – every time. As a result, we have developed a range of Inteli-Cook commercial combi ovens which provide both consistency and versatility all within one appli...

Commercial Fryers

Crispy fish, golden chips, delicious chicken – our range of commercial fryers makes it easy to whip up tasty treats to keep customers coming back for more. We offer single- and twin-basket fryers and freestanding and countertop fryers. Gas or elec...

Commercial Catering Grills

We offer a wide range of commercial salamander grills that will give your dishes the perfect finish. Our gas and electric grills put the final touches on all kinds of food, from crème brûlée to cheese-topped sandwiches and everything in between. F...

Commercial Pizza Ovens

We offer a range of commercial pizza ovens that can help you turn out the perfect pie time after time. Stylish and versatile, these ovens can also cook garlic bread, naan, ciabattas and even lasagne or jacket potatoes. Whether you run a small café...

Commercial Convection Ovens

At JLA, we’re experts in helping you find the reliable, long-lasting kitchen equipment needed for constant use – and our compact commercial convection oven is no exception. As the leading oven suppliers in the UK, we know the importance of having ...

Commercial Induction Hobs And Ovens

Induction cooking is becoming increasingly popular in commercial catering establishments as energy costs continue to rise and kitchens look for ways to manage their utility costs. Commercial induction cooktops offer a number of benefits. They heat...

Commercial Cooktops

Our range of gas and electric commercial cooktops and hobs make it easy to expand the capacity of your cookline without sacrificing valuable floor space in your kitchen. Flexible, durable and reliable, commercial cooktops are available in gas, ele...

Bratt Pans

Commercial Bratt pans are truly versatile pieces of catering equipment, capable of performing up to eight different cooking functions; you’ll be able to shallow- and deep-fat fry, roast, stew, poach, steam, braise and boil all in one machine. In-b...

Cooking Suite Modular Catering Equipment

Our cooking suite of modular catering equipment makes it easy to get the cookline you need when you’re pressed for space in your commercial kitchen. From countertop fryers and bains marie to work stands, ovens and boiling tops, we’ll help you asse...

Catering Hot Cupboards

Commercial hot cupboards make hot holding and serving easier for busy catering establishments. Perfect for care homes, schools, hotels and hospitals, JLA’s range of hot cupboards will keep your finished dishes fresh and ready to be served.

Commercial Griddles

Commercial griddles offer you the ability to turn out fresh, hot food quickly and easily. From cooking up sizzling bacon and sausage to creating perfect pancakes and delicious burgers, our commercial freestanding griddles are the perfect choice fo...

Our range of quality commercial cooking equipment is designed to take the hassle out of high volume catering, no matter what sort of commercial kitchen you run, or which sector you serve. Fill in the enquiry form above and find out why JLA is the catering equipment partner of choice for care homes, schools, hotels, pubs, restaurants and countless other businesses. 

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