Cooking Suite Modular Catering Equipment

Our cooking suite of modular catering equipment makes it easy to get the cookline you need when you’re pressed for space in your commercial kitchen. From countertop fryers and bains marie to work stands, ovens and boiling tops, we’ll help you assemble the perfect catering set-up.


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Commercial Cooking Suite Modular Equipment

Modular is JLA’s answer to the needs of the modern, busy catering establishment for reliable, well-built equipment that combines flexibility and high levels of performance with style and value for money.

The JLA Modular range includes products for both counter-top and free-standing use. All units are 600mm in depth to make optimum use of available kitchen space and widths vary from a compact 300mm to 600mm, depending on the product type. This modular design concept enables you to mix and match items to create your ideal kitchen layout.

Features & Benefits:

  • Stylish appearance – Modern, sleek lines with a high sheen stainless steel finish
  • Appropriate for both front-of-house operations or behind the scenes kitchen environments
  • Modular flexibility enables a custom-built appearance in the kitchen.
  • Counter-top units can be placed on pedestals or stands
  • Mix and match according to your requirements and the space available
  • As your operation grows, so can you modular offering
  • Safe and easy to use – Clearly marked, easy grip controls ensure safe operation
  • Easy to clean – wipe-clean stainless steel finish that doesn’t harbour bacteria, maintaining high standards of kitchen hygiene

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