Coin Operated Dryers

Our coin-operated commercial dryers have been specially developed to help you maximise your profits while making laundry easier for your customers.


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Coin-operated dryers

(14-40kg capacity)

Ideal for: constant commercial/industrial use

Our robust, reliable coin-operated dryers have become the industry standard machines for launderettes, with various capacities giving you the output you need for your specific footfall.

Drum sizes available will perfectly complement our washing machines, while stackable options mean you can maximise throughput without taking up extra space

Jla 7 Coin Op Dryer | Jla 7 Coin Op Condenser Dryer | Jla 98 Coin Op Dryer | Jla D30 Coin Op Dryer | Jla D50 Coin Op Dryer | Jla Sd20 Coin Op Smart Dryer | Jla Sd35 Coin Op Smart Dryer | Jla Sd50 Coin Op Smart Dryer | Jla Sd80 Coin Op Smart Dryer