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(16-180kg capacity)

Ideal for: washing where hygiene is essential

The threat of microbiological contamination is ever-present in hospitals and other healthcare environments. JLA’s barrier washer range is designed to combat that threat while achieving premium wash quality, and will help eradicate Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) by using a special ‘dual-door’ system to process laundry capacities between 16kg and 180kg.

The ultimate hygiene machines

Installed into a physical wall as part of the JLA Total Care package, these large-scale 'true passthrough' washers serve both a loading and unloading room separately, keeping clean, disinfected linen away from contaminated linen.

When used with JLA’s ground-breaking OTEX ozone technology, the machines will eradicate 99.999% of bacteria, viruses and superbugs including MRSA and C.difficile for the ultimate infection control.

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