Honda UK


Sometimes, when you’re moving facilities, you’re simply told ‘here’s your equipment, go and make it work’, but in this instance we’ve had the luxury of being involved from Day One. Our head chef had regular meetings with the facilities manager where he put forward a list of his dream kit.


During planning, JLA then advised on what was possible and what would work best in line with our 'wish list'.

As for the equipment itself, whatever we use has got to be serviceable - not too much of a hindrance to clean. It’s got to be functional serve its purpose and it’s got to look the part as well. The bespoke equipment we have here ticks all those boxes, and I would say it makes us pretty much unique in what we can offer. I’ve never seen another ‘corporate’ site that can oven-bake pizzas to order!

Above all, we can offer huge choice and great quality that’s affordable. I can get the most out of high end ingredients and cut down waste by cooking everything to order. As an example, we can offer top quality steaks with homemade garnish and sauces and salad for roughly the same price as a sandwich shop meal deal.

It really is more like a mini restaurant service rather than a staff canteen!


- Wes Arnold, Catering Manager at Honda UK


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