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JLA is the UK’s market-leader in commercial laundry equipment supply and servicing.

We’ve been leading the way in commercial laundry since 1973, so we understand more than most that different businesses have different laundry requirements.

That’s why we have developed a full and varied range of JLA commercial laundry equipment that includes commercial washing machines, commercial tumble dryers, commercial irons, finishing equipment and detergents – as well as our ground-breaking OTEX ozone technology. Our ever-growing range means we always have the right solution for any need.

Commercial Washers

Our status as the UK’s leading supplier of commercial laundry equipment is built around exceptional washing machines backed up by outstanding service cover.

Whether you need light commercial, commercial, industrial or coin-operated washers, you're guaranteed to find the right machine at JLA.

Commercial Dryers

With unrivalled laundry experience, we know what businesses need when it comes to light commercial, commercial, industrial and coin-operated tumble dryers. Our machines are built to last, and designed especially to give you heavy-duty reliability and performance.


Our ground-breaking natural ozone disinfection system, OTEX has revolutionised the way hospitals, care and nursing homes and other hygiene-focused commercial organisations, such as spas and hotels, do their laundry. It eradicates the threat of cross-infection and kills 99.999% of superbugs such as MRSA and C.difficil and keeps linens fresher for longer.

OTEX also offers significant cost reductions by cutting the amount of water and energy used on every cycle.

SMART Technology

Across our SMART Wash and SMART Dry ranges, best of the best technology cuts water, energy and detergent costs by up to a third, giving you heavy-duty savings and 'green' reassurance right across our commercial range.

Discover SMART commercial washing machines and find out about our SMART commercial tumble dryers.

Stacked washers & dryers

We understand that floor space is often at a premium in commercial environments. To help you maximise your laundry's efficiency, our specially designed stack systems will allow you to double capacity in the space of a single machine, and are available in washer/dryer or dryer/dryer combinations.

Rotary Irons & finishing equipment

When finish comes first, our range of high quality equipment is a must. Our rotary ironers, compact ironers and finishing tables are a vital part of any full on-premise laundry, and can help you provide the very best service for residents, guests or customers.