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Raise the Standard of Your Laundry

No other laundry system cleans more efficiently...or cost-effectively.

Your business is expected to provide clean, fresh and appealing laundry on a consistent basis. Maintaining that high level of quality can be a challenge, whether you're laundering on-site or outsourcing the job.

If you're washing your linens on-site, you might be worried about the rising costs of gas, electricity and hot water. Outsourcing means that you lose control over the quality of the finished product. That's where OTEX can offer you the best of both worlds – cost-savings on utilities and consistently great linen quality.

OTEX is a revolutionary system that uses the power of ozone to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, yeast, moulds and spores from your laundry, all while cutting your utility bills thanks to its cool wash cycles.

Discover the Benefits of OTEX...

  • Reduced operating costs
    You’ll save up to 30% on your utility bills (gas, electricity, hot water)
  • Disinfected laundry
    Ozone removes 99.999% of bugs like Norovirus and athlete’s foot from laundry
  • Extended linen life
    OTEX opens up the fibres of your towels and robes, keeping them fluffier and softer for longer
  • A green way to clean
    Ozone doesn’t harm the water supply and breaks down into oxygen after wash cycle is finished

Get More from OTEX with Total Care

We know how important fresh linen is to your business, and that running out of clean towels or sheets could harm your reputation. That's why our Total Care package has been designed to get you back up and running in no time if a fault occurs. You'll also get:

  • Market-leading machines with no capital outlay
  • Fully-inclusive breakdown cover with no wear-and-tear clause
  • Engineer response within eight working hours...or we pay you £100
  • Seven-day call-out cover – including bank holidays
  • No repair bills or call out charges – ever

...all for a simple monthly payment.

Market leading equipment with Total Care

  • UK's number 1 commercial equipment supplier
  • One simple monthly payment - no upfront cost
  • Fast breakdown Response - 24/7, 365 days a year

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