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Total Care subscription

When we say Total Care, we mean Total Care. Our unique plan is the ultimate 'rental' option, with the added benefit of full service and breakdown support.

Unlike many leasing alternatives, Total Care gives you all-inclusive installation, maintenance and repairs for a simple monthly subscription payment - which also takes away the CAPex pressures that come with buying equipment outright or choosing finance that requires a large deposit.

Benefits of a Total Care laundry subscription

  • New laundry equipment for no capital outlay
  • Free laundry room layout design consultancy
  • Free delivery & installation
  • ‘Get Started’ machine demo included
  • 7-day breakdown cover included
  • Engineer onsite within 8 working hours
  • Free 24/7 support helpline

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With the widest range of market-leading, heavy-duty laundry appliances in various sizes – including coin-operated machines – JLA are the UK's leading commercial laundry equipment suppliers. Our high quality laundry systems range from more compact light commercial laundry equipment to large-capacity industrial washing machines, barrier washers and tumble dryers, while our range of professional finishing and ironing equipment will suit any business requirement from the smallest in-house laundry rooms to the biggest 24-hour facilities.

With nationwide engineer reach and near 50-year experience of doing what we do best has led to us becoming a trusted installation, servicing, compliance and emergency repair 'lifecycle' partner to over 25,000 businesses of every size and sector across the UK – from care homes, hospitals, schools and housing associations to hotels, restaurants, vets, spas, sports clubs and more. 

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