Welcome to a future of certainty

Imagine if your most critical equipment could be cloud-connected and remotely monitored - to give you the ultimate in operational efficiency, financial predictability and process compliance.

At JLA, imagining is just the beginning.

We’re here to connect businesses to the commercial equipment technologies of tomorrow, and shape the Internet of Things for thousands of organisations like yours who demand the ultimate in efficiency, value and certainty when it comes to managing their most critical facilities and operations.

Cloud-connected Equipment

Remote 24/7 Live Monitoring

Efficiency Recommendations

Fault Alerts & Management

Total Care = Total Control

Your critical equipment, connected.

With our unique Total Care subscription, your core laundry, heating and fire safety machines or devices can be cloud-connected to our central support hub - 24/7. From there, our analysts and engineers remotely access live appliance performance data to make sure everything is running smoothly – and make instant recommendations for potential savings and efficiencies.

Remote monitoring – day and night

With real-time ‘traffic-light’ alerts and a live machine usage feed, we can also diagnose and resolve small issues before they turn into bigger problems, leaving you free to focus on managing other priorities across your business.

Dedicated customer admin portal

As a Total Care subscriber, you’ll also be able to tap into full visibility of your JLA equipment and accounts through a dedicated digital customer hub on the move, with seamless real-time access via mobile or desktop. You can check and change your profile, stay up to date with all your contract(s) and find useful knowledge articles as well as self-service troubleshooting guides.

Commercial equipment, redefined

How JLA Smart works

First, we’ll install a Smart router at your site, which connects your commercial appliances to a central HQ support hub via WiFi. Through a real time data feed, we then live-monitor your critical machines and devices for you 24/7 – predicting maintenance requirements, analysing potential problems, adjusting settings remotely for heightened efficiency and automatically sending engineers to your premises if there's an issue - before you even know about it.

App-connected machines

Benefit from the ultimate in user friendly controls to cut down on physical machine operation

Ideal for: Sites where facilities are hard or time-consuming to access physically, or you need to manage multiple sites from a single location. App controls also remove the need for a full time onsite maintenance team.