Aimia Foods

We previously outsourced our laundry, but after months of problems and numerous overall surgeries we decided to look into buying our own machinery and keeping it in-house.

We purchased one washer and one dryer from another company, but although we eliminated the problems we’d had when sending the laundry out, we then came up against the problem of getting the machines fixed if they broke down. It could sometimes take up to a week before an engineer could come out!

I therefore researched JLA and spoke to a consultant, who was more than happy to come out and assess our current situation and arrange a quote for a totally new system, we were extremely impressed with the turnaround time as we were working to a deadline – the new system was installed within two days and was up and running straight away.

Training was given and we now have a good relationship with JLA’s service engineers as well as its technical staff. Any questions or queries we had have all been answered.

For auditing and compliance purposes we need to show that the clothes are completely germ-free and provide inspectors such as the BRC with verification to prove disinfection was taking place. With OTEX, it’s easy to ensure all relevant HACCP details, COSSH data, Risk Assessments, wash trials and so on are documented.

A saving has been made against our previous outsourcing costs and the cost of calling out engineers to faults on our old in-house equipment. The cleanliness levels of the overalls have also improved. We have an excellent relationship with JLA and would recommend them to any other company, it is a pleasure to work with them.

- Tina Davies, Hygiene Manager at Aimia Foods


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