Lloyds Hair

Lloyds Hair is a busy salon chain that boasts three different premises across Waterford and Wexford. With 450 customers per week – and approximately 300 towels to wash and dry every day – the salon needed an upgrade from their current laundry system. Danielle Kennedy, the proprietor and manager of Lloyds Hair, describes how she came to choose JLA and their all-inclusive Total Care package.

‘We were using a regular home use washing machine and two dryers,’ says Danielle. ‘The salon was too busy and too many man hours were spent trying to keep on top of the washing and drying.’ In busy periods, the salon had to outsource drying their laundry to a commercial launderette, adding to their running costs.

JLA was recommended to Danielle by another salon, so she decided to look at the laundry options they provided, and was immediately impressed by the advice and technical support available through Total Care as well as the equipment.

The JLA 98 washer and dryer have completely changed how the salon does its towel laundry. ‘It’s very cost-effective,’ says Danielle. ‘We spent too many hours on laundry before, but now our juniors have more free time for working on the floor.’

Danielle is already planning to have the JLA 98 installed in a third salon: ‘We like the cost efficiency and the guarantee of having the engineer come to visit shortly after we report any issues,’ she says.

Best of all, Danielle appreciates how the new washers and dryers from JLA have made a critical aspect of their business less stressful – and thinks that other salons should do the same. ‘We’d encourage other hairdressers to use JLA as well,’ she says.

- Danielle Kennedy, Proprietor and Manager of Lloyds Hair


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