The Beaumont Hotel

The Beaumont Hotel Testimonial on JLA Commercial Heating solutions

The Beaumont is an independent 33-bedroom Victorian townhouse hotel in the centre of Hexham.

Situated on Beaumont Street in close proximity to historic landmarks such as the 6th century Abbey, the hotel is busy year-round. Its success is driven by the owners’ commitment to delivering consistently high standards to their guests; however their heating system was creating issues for them.

Roger Davy, owner of The Beaumont was frustrated that he was unable to control the temperature throughout the hotel; it could only be switched on or off and there was insufficient supply of hot water for the demand when the hotel was full. Roger said: “There were numerous issues with our old heating system and we didn’t want these to impact on the overall experience we pride ourselves on providing to our guests. To make matters worse it was an extremely inefficient system, so it was expensive to run.”

Roger turned to JLA Heating for help and chose to upgrade his heating equipment through the Total Care package which offers market-leading equipment, annual gas safety checks and four-hour breakdown response, with no capital outlay upfront.

Roger commented: “I chose JLA as it is a large company with a good reputation, as well as the fact they offer a package that suited our situation.

“We were not in a position to outlay large capital expenditure for new boilers so the simple monthly payments through Total Care made it possible for us to make the change. The fact JLA is responsible for the repairs and maintenance in the long term gives me great confidence.”

The Beaumont now benefits from three energy efficient, cascading wall-hung boilers and two robust water cylinders. Roger said: “The most important thing to me is that I can now ensure all our guests have hot water when they need it, 24 hours a day. I also don’t have to worry that they are too hot or too cold. We’ve even had guests complimenting the showers as the water pressure has improved so much – it’s not something you often find in an old Victorian building!

“In addition, our gas bills are one of our biggest outlays but the efficiency of the new boilers will be far more economical in the long term.”

Roger now enjoys advanced features including temperature control with weather compensation and remote connectivity, which alerts JLA of any faults instantly. Roger said: “I’ve already been impressed by the connectivity feature – when we had new flooring fitted we turned off the system. It wasn’t long before someone from JLA was on the phone to let us know it had gone off and to find out if there was a problem. It’s comforting to know they are always monitoring it.”

Roger is now considering partnering with JLA in other areas of his business: “JLA has helped us achieve everything we wanted to with our new heating system and the whole process was well managed - so when the time comes to make changes in our laundry or kitchen I am keen to work with them again.

“I would recommend JLA to any business looking to change their heating system.”


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