The Loudor Hotel

The Loudor Hotel in North Hykeham, Lincoln is a popular and successful 11-bedroom guesthouse. Owned by Mick and Jo Moore, it’s busy all year round, and keeping rooms clean and fresh is their first priority. Guests have praised the cosy, home-from-home feel of the hotel, and they’ve also received many plaudits for their cleanliness, especially since they started using the JLA Sanitiser.

The recommendation to use a Sanitiser came from a JLA engineer during a visit to the guesthouse to repair the washing machine – the system has many benefits for the hospitality industry, and he immediately recognised how passionate Mick and Jo were about cleanliness and hygiene. “The fact that the portable unit could be easily used in all of our guest rooms to remove bacteria and odours and raise our standards even higher was very appealing,” says Mick. “The scientific evidence offered regarding its effectiveness was impressive and the ease of use was a bonus.”

Mick decided to get the Sanitiser through JLA Total Care, which provides seven-day call-out cover, breakdown cover with no wear-and-tear clause and no repair bills ever, ensuring it would always be a reliable and effective tool in their all-important cleaning regime.

“The ability to clean every crevice and corner in every room, particularly ones that are very difficult or too labour-intensive to access, is practical and convenient and gives us an edge in our industry. The way it neutralises unpleasant odours is excellent. We strive to do whatever we can to make The Loudor one of the safest and cleanest hotels,” he says.

The Sanitiser has already made it easier for the hotel’s housekeeping staff to prepare rooms for new guests, which can all be left in varying states. “Every vacated room is cleaned and sanitised in a sequence planned by the housekeeping staff, and the Sanitiser helps us avoid delays that the rooms requiring a deeper clean can create,” Mick said.

Mick is thoroughly convinced that there’s a place for Sanitisers in all hotels: “Guest houses should definitely add a JLA Sanitiser to their list of essential tools. It is worth using just for peace of mind; knowing you are doing your best to protect staff and guests from harmful bacteria and provide the high standards that they expect.”


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