Britannia Royal Naval College


Peter Williams is the Laundry Contract Manager at The Britannia Royal Naval College. Here, he explains why JLA Clean detergents rank so highly for both staff and student satisfaction:

“We received information about JLA’s detergents, and as we were actively looking to reduce our costs in a laundry that serves up to 500 officer cadets, we contacted them for more information. They suggested a site visit, and an engineer came out to check that our detergents and dosing were right for our needs. He told us they weren’t, and explained exactly how JLA could help us make changes for the better.”

As part of the site review, JLA evaluated the college’s actual laundry needs and identified improvements that could be made to boost efficiency. Simply by re-calibrating dosing pumps and introducing chemicals that were more appropriate for the site’s needs, JLA was able to significantly improve wash quality across trainee bedding, uniforms and other garments – with up to 3,500 items laundered per week in peak periods.

“Since the review, my laundry team and the officer trainees here at Dartmouth have been very happy with the results we now get from our detergents – our previous detergents did not carry the same finish as JLA Clean products do, nor did they give off that fresh smell of clean linen.”

But the most noticeable improvement has been in the cost savings, as Peter continues:

“The product costs were lower than with our previous supplier, and we made even more savings through a bulk order option that JLA proposed – as a long-standing laundry customer, they understood exactly what we needed to make life easier and more cost-effective. All products are dispensed by auto-dosing units that have been calibrated to our needs. This means we only use what we need, and my laundry staff don’t need to add detergents manually. It’s cheaper for us as there’s no ‘over-fill’ wastage, and safer for them as they don’t need to handle chemicals as much.”

Peter Williams is the Laundry Contract Manager at The Britannia Royal Naval College


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