West Lodge Rural Centre


"The build quality is good and the cooker has been really reliable in doing exactly what I need it to do." Joe Birch is Head Chef at West Lodge Rural Centre, and now has an oven range that can keep up with his demands thanks to JLA Catering.

When its 20-year old oven had recurring issues with pilot light failure and the rings on the cooker became cracked and broken, The West Lodge Rural Centre turned to JLA Catering for a replacement.

“We need to be sure that we can cater for around 100 covers a day, without worrying about whether our equipment will let us down. So, when it became obvious that our old appliance needed replacing, we liked the look of JLA Catering’s heavy-duty range ovens."

Since JLA Catering’s ‘Infinity Pro’ equipment was installed, Head Chef Joe Birch has been impressed:

“The build quality is good and the cooker has been really reliable in doing exactly what I need it to do.

I like the power it has, and the flames are better than our previous gas top which makes it easy to plan my timings. I know that ingredients will take the right time to cook, so I won’t be waiting around while other parts of a dish are going cold.

And because I’m confident in the cooker’s performance, I know exactly when my dishes will be ready. So instead of constantly checking and opening the door every few minutes, I can get on with chopping more ingredients, preparing salads or cleaning down the kitchen area as I go.”

The oven has proved a hit in terms of providing healthier meals for visitors too, as Joe explains:

“Having a well-built range oven that doesn’t take ages to cook food is great day-to-day, but it also means I can cook large amounts of hot buffet food for special events. I used to have to fry things like chicken nuggets in order to have everything ready for children’s parties, but now I can simply put them in the oven and cook them healthily as well as quickly.”

- Joe Birch, Head Chef at the West Rural Lodge Centre


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