Discover ‘best of the best’ technology in our next generation of intelligent commercial washing machines.

JLA Sense absorption technology, intuitive two-touch controls and advanced clinch manufacturing techniques all combine to give you best of the best technology in every SMART Washer.

Cutting-edge design, built-in intelligence and uncompromising build quality all combine with optimised programmes and digital data logging capability to give you the lowest possible consumption costs and the best possible wash quality while ensuring your compliance requirements are met.

What makes SMART Wash so smart?

SMART Cycles

JLA Sense - an integrated laundry 'brain' that accurately determines how much water and detergent the fabrics in each load need to ensure you’ll always use the minimum amount of water, energy and detergent, saving you up to 32% compared to a conventional washing machine and ensuring optimum wash quality on every cycle.

Other key cycle features include:

  • Jetstream – enhanced water contact for better wash quality
  • Fabriflow – look after loads that need extra care with manual weighing
  • Auto-dosing – use only the detergent you need to cut unnecessary waste

SMART Controls

Sharp LCD displays and slick two-touch start means you can speed up the laundry process and take the hassle out of washing numerous loads per day – with optimised programmes designed to ensure water, cost and energy efficiency along with USB connectivity for simplified audit trails.

Other key control features include:

  • Auto-audit – monitor and record all wash data for traceability and HTM01-04/HACCP compliance
  • Customisable programmes – modify programmes to meet changing needs
  • Multi-lingual – all SMART Wash machines speak 21 languages

SMART Engineering

SMART Wash machines are built for business with industrial durability, low floor-to-door design and high-spec components you can enjoy heavy-duty reliability and ease-of-use hour after hour, for over 37,000 cycles.

Other key engineering features include:

  • 400 G-Force – Faster speeds mean greater water extraction and reduced drying times
  • Waterfall drum – larger, smoother perforations enhance water flow for enhanced wash quality
  • Auto-balance – SMART Washers self-correct their alignment if the drum spins out of sync

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