You might be getting by with your current kit, but if you’re noticing that plates, crockery, cutlery and other kitchen items aren’t getting as clean as they could be, then it might be time for a new commercial dishwasher. Here are some of the top signs you should be looking out for.

Parts are failing regularly

The wash arms aren’t moving, the cycle timer is out of tune, or the drain pump seems to have developed a mind of its own when it comes to actually draining. If parts of your dishwasher aren’t working, then the machine itself probably needs replacing before the costs of servicing outweigh the price of a new commercial dishwasher.

Service calls are becoming more frequent

A service call here and there, especially if your equipment is backed by all-inclusive breakdown cover, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time to say goodbye to your dishwasher. However, if you find that you’re becoming best friends with your emergency engineer because you see them so much, then that might be a sign that you need to upgrade. Next time you find the service charges are mounting up, ask yourself, is it really worth getting a dishwasher repaired?

Choosing Your New Commercial Dishwasher

Use the enquiry form below to ask our experts for information about our range of WRAS-approved passthrough dishwashers, under counter dishwashers, thermal and tank dishwashers, and a range of commercial glasswashers. With cycle times from just 1 minute, you’ll be able to process hundreds of items per hour.

Dishes just aren’t getting clean

If dishes are coming out with stains and food deposits after the end of a wash cycle, then the dishwasher is possibly in need of either urgent repair or needs to be replaced entirely. Sometimes servicing will fix the problem, but if your machine is quite old, you may need to consider the costs against the potential benefit of having a dishwasher that does its job.

Your current dishwasher is old

Some of us get better with age – but commercial dishwashers certainly don’t. Older models are less energy efficient, break down more often and overall cost more to run. There’s always the issue of “sticker shock” when it comes to buying a new commercial dishwasher, but you might find that the initial outlay is far less than what you’d keep paying if you kept your old machine. Some companies even offer monthly rental packages that cover both the cost of the dishwasher as well as any servicing or call-outs that it might require.

Your dishwasher is no longer fit for purpose

Perhaps you started out as a small café, but you’ve now expanded and have become a full restaurant that handles up to 100 covers a night. Maybe your care home has built a new wing and has 30 additional residents. If your ware washing needs have changed, it’s time to change your dishwasher so that you can better meet them.

Don’t leave it too late – upgrade today

If you’re struggling to keep clean plates and cutlery on your customers’ tables, then it’s definitely time to consider a replacement dishwasher that is guaranteed to be more efficient, more reliable and far better at keeping your plates clean.

As with any part of commercial kitchen design, it’s important to ask an expert who can advise on layouts, workflows, regulations and maintenance. Our team can help you make informed choices, and find the best kit for your specific needs.