JLA’s OTEX ozone laundry uses electricity and oxygen at low water temperatures, instead of traditional chemicals and high heat.

Take a look at the key ozone laundry benefits below – and take advantage of the power of OTEX to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and molds while seeing improved results with fresh-smelling, softer linen – particularly your towels.

Benefits of JLA’s ozone (O3) laundry systems at-a-glance

  1. Removes all traces of Coronavirus
  2. The only ozone laundry system recognised by the NHS Rapid Review Panel
  3. Complies with HTM01-04 (Department of Health)
  4. Backed Up By Scientific Research
  5. Disinfection verification receipts for audit trails & inspections
  6. Cuts water and heating running costs
  7. Increases Linen Life (Gentler Washing)
  8. Patented Interfusor Technology
  9. Easy-to-use Controls & Automated Programs
  10. Supported under the EU & UK Biocidal Products Regulation
  11. Fresher-smelling laundry

How ozone laundry disinfection can help care homes, hospitals, vets and other hygiene-critical organisations…

Removes all traces of Coronavirus from textiles in the laundry cycle – in 6 minutes 

Following JLA-funded research carried out with De Montfort University, it has been proven that the OTEX ozone disinfection system completely removes coronavirus from laundry, even in large loads. Additional testing also proved that the virus was not transferred to other textiles in the wash. This gives users absolute certainty that they can wash all linens, uniforms and bedding etc. and KNOW it has no traces of the virus on it when it’s finished – absolutely essential in the care and healthcare sector in the current climate.

This is equally important to the food industry who will need to provide reassurance to their customers right along the food chain.

The only ozone laundry disinfection system recognised by the NHS Rapid Review Panel (RRP)…and awarded recommendation 1

OTEX ozone laundering provides complete peace of mind for the customer – with the knowledge that the system is effective when it comes to decontamination. In fact, the RRP went as far as recommending that the technology should be made available to all NHS Trusts.

Complies with HTM01-04 (the Department of Health guidelines for decontamination of healthcare linen)

OTEX has been assessed against HTM01-04 by an NHS Authorising Engineer (Decontamination) and found to meet the requirements of the guideline for decontamination of healthcare linen.

The system has also been validated and machine type disinfection reports which are a requirement of HTM01-04. This is essential for all laundry providers dealing with healthcare linen and also provides data to support HACCAP procedures for the food sector.

Proven process backed up by scientific research (efficacy-validated)

Extensive studies from independent microbiologists, hospitals and healthcare organisations have demonstrated that OTEX is a reliable and robust laundry disinfection solution for care homes, microfibre mop laundries and other healthcare settings.

The OTEX ozone laundry system has also undergone microbiological validation assessment. The data is also applicable to those laundries servicing the food industry to meet strict HACCAP controls.

Please contact us to request copies of these reports.

Disinfection verification for audit trails & inspections

OTEX provides printed data to prove disinfection has taken place, providing tangible proof of HTM01-04 and HACCP compliance. For additional reassurance, OTEX alerts the operator in real time if the bacterial challenge is too high and insufficient ozone levels are present, the cycle is then aborted and operator instructed to repeat the process.

The OTEX unit also has a SD card facility for easy access to historical data so you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to HSE or CQC audits and inspections.

Cut water and heating running costs

As a low temperature system, ozone laundry will reduce your utility and operating costs, as well as your carbon footprint. At lower temperatures, with gentler fibre-cleaning, you’ll also benefit from increased linen life

Heat sensitive fabrics and garments, which wouldn’t otherwise have been suitable for decontamination, can be thoroughly washed using ozone – reducing the need to destroy and dispose of damaged garments and the cost of replacing them regularly.

Increases linen life by gently opening up fibres in the washing process

The natural ozone washing process gently opens fibres rather than attacking them with high temperatures, giving linen a soft, comfortable feel while providing fresh-smelling, extremely clean laundry. Your laundry process can also be shortened thanks to reduced dryer cycle times which result from the more effective extraction of water during the OTEX wash process.

Patented laundry system with verification

While ozone laundry in general is beneficial, JLA’s OTEX solution ensures that the ozone is efficiently dissolved in water through its interfusor technology, ensuring the correct amount of ozone present to carry out the disinfection process. This provides integral safety controls to ensure safety for the laundry room and anyone working in it. OTEX Laundry is the only patented laundry system to include verification of the disinfection process (Patent no GB 2414743A 2005)

See the science behind the system >>

Easy-to-use controls & automated programmes

The OTEX system is designed to be extremely user-friendly. Automatic programs remove the concern of user error, and the need for staff to learn how to use an excessively complicated interface and memorise lots of steps to start a wash.

Find out more about our ozone washer system >>

Supported under the EU and UK Biocidal Products Regulations

This demonstrates the commitment to providing the regulatory authorities in both the EU and UK that supportive data ensuring the products are safe to use for both the environment and health together with justification of the disinfection claims.

JLA is a member of the European Trade Association (EUOTA) and the Ozone Task Force responsible for the submission of the active substance and product type dossiers to the EU and UK authorities. Find out more here.

NB: All products which may include disinfectant rinse aids and laundry sanitisers should be checked via the ECHA website – it’s worth pointing out that non regulated products are illegal and will need to be removed from the market.

Fresh, pleasant-smelling and hygienic laundry every time

A natural by-benefit of ozone’s natural chemical properties is the fresh, ‘open window’ fragrance you will notice – both inside the washing machine drum, on finished garments and in the laundry room itself.

To discuss the merits of ozone laundry – and the science behind the OTEX system in particular – contact one of our friendly team today and arrange a FREE consultation.