Businesses – especially SME’s like spas, hairdressers, B&B’s, sports clubs, bars and restaurants – often struggle to find flood insurance in high-risk areas, and if they can find a policy that covers them, the premiums are often inflated. While schemes such as Flood Re have been set up to help household customers access insurance and cap their excesses where homes are more likely to be flooded, business owners face the harsh reality of having to trade without protection against flood damage – and having to pay huge sums to get back on their feet if the worst does happen.

If your business has been affected by recent floods and you need to replace vital equipment without an insurance claim to help you, help is at hand.

Find out how you can replace commercial laundry, kitchen and heating equipment for no capital outlay >>

While the UK insurance industry is better prepared for floods in general, flood damage is often excluded from property insurance policies – especially in cases where the owner lives on the same premises.

If your business has no commercial flood insurance, or you are struggling to get the payout you need to replace damaged equipment, a ‘pay-as-you-go’ commercial equipment subscription plan may be an option.

Our all-inclusive rental package allows you to install brand new machines with inclusive 7-day breakdown cover for a monthly rental payment – no capital investment is required.

At JLA, we offer an all-inclusive ‘Total Care’ package, which gives you the commercial laundry, kitchen or heating system equipment you need for no capital outlay, with 7-day breakdown cover included. For your monthly subscription, you’ll also benefit from a  free 24/7 helpline in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong with our machines, and a guarantee that our engineers will be onsite within 8 working hours in an emergency wherever you are in the UK or Ireland – 4 working hours if it’s a problem with one of our boilers (we guarantee to never leave you without heating or hot water).

If you’re facing challenges in replacing critical commercial equipment, JLA’s friendly advisors can talk you through the process of rebuilding key areas of your business – get in touch below for a no-obligation chat.