Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the annual rush, and consider a boiler upgrade to make sure your business’ heating system is ready for when the cold comes back to bite in autumn – especially if your system has been out of action for longer than it might otherwise have been during the COVID-19 lockdown.

September provides the ideal opportunity to upgrade or replace your commercial heating equipment, or book a new boiler installation, and make sure your heating is ship-shape for the autumn/winter period, when any loss in heating or hot water can cause major disruption.

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Engineers and installers tend to be less busy at this time of year, because fewer premises will be using their central heating, so any problems remain ‘hidden’. That means you’re more likely to secure an appointment quickly to explore your options for boiler replacement – and you’ll have more time to look into a new boiler cost as well as getting a new heating system properly designed and installed.

Do I need A New Boiler?Download our Top 5 Heating Headaches GuideOnce autumn returns – especially where businesses are re-opening after Coronavirus closure – many staff, owners and facilities managers will be turning on their heating for the first time in months, only to find that there are problems with their boiler… so demand for engineer appointments tend to rise significantly rise making it difficult to get work completed quickly.

Replacing a boiler can take up to two days to ensure that everything is sited appropriately and works properly. Two days can feel like a long time in winter with no hot water or heating, so avoid this by scheduling any work in over the warmer months.

If your boiler is older, it’s probably not as efficient as it could be, which means that you could be paying more than you need to for your energy when you turn it on in winter. Boiler efficiency has improved considerably in the last decade, and upgrading your heating system now could see you make huge savings. For example, replacing your boiler with a condensing model that has a gross energy efficiency level of 98% could significantly reduce your winter outgoings.

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An older, non-condensing boiler simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with a condensing model because it has to raise its temperature to such a degree that water vapour doesn’t condense and start to corrode the heat exchanger.

We can help you review your heating and hot water systems, and prevent something going wrong at a critical moment. Contact us today for boiler prices and to learn more about the best boilers (wall hung and floor standing) we offer for your business, as well as our range of robust hot water cylinders. and hot water storage tanks.